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So you are having fertility issues? You are struggling to understand what is happening, or not happening? I understand. I have been there and ridden what was for me an eight-year roller coaster ride of mostly lows to a massive high.

How did I feel when we were struggling to fall pregnant? Words that come to mind are: alone, ashamed, hopeless, angry, guilty and afraid. I, along with my partner, Ian, tried many options to have the family we so long desired. It was scary, as at times as I thought it just was not going to happen for us. I was ashamed, as why was something so natural not happening for me. I felt guilty, as what had I done in the past that was so bad to deserve this.  

Eight long years of trying and not giving up lead us to being blessed with two gorgeous babies. I now feel like the luckiest Mummy in the world. But trust me when I say nothing was handed to us. We researched, we were open to trying other options and looking into other avenues. If I wanted this so badly, like I did, then I had to try everything and not let anything beat us!

Throughout my baby journey I had wonderful friends and family around me to support me, if I wanted it that is. But how were they to understand when none of them had been where I was at that moment. It made me feel so isolated from everyone I normally felt so close to. 

For all these reasons I started this page and wrote my book; to share my journey and emotions with YOU. 

I want to help you. I will listen and talk you through your options. I have done the research and lived through the options of trying to have a family of my own. You do not have to feel alone. 

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